We help transform your great idea into visual form. Sometimes it’s taking the first step that is the scariest. Want to start a blog or small business and need a simple website? We can design your website and more! Ladybug offers the following services:


Web Design

This is our specialty!  We can help you create a visually stunning, interactive and easy to navigate site that are user friendly and pleasing.  We customize your site to attract the customers you want and need for your business.

Graphic Design

The visual presentation of your business is vital.  Potential customers base their decisions on what they see so it’s important to have an appealing and powerful image to represent your business.   We create unique logos and brands that attract and please. 

Social Media Management

There is a method and approach to a social media business presence that goes beyond the average social use.  It takes time to build an audience, engage with them and spread the message about your business.  This can take hours of time that an entrepreneur just doesn’t have.  We have knowledgeable ladybugs on staff who can help with this burden.

Custom Office Projects

We know all too well all the things you juggle during your day to meet the demands of your business.  Sometimes you just don’t have time or a desire to do some things and not enough work to justify hiring an employee.  Things like data entry, mailings, research, customer follow ups are are important pieces that get pushed aside in our busy day.  Our professional team can help you!